PCM Certification

About PCM

Professional Crisis Management (PCM) is a comprehensive, research-based system that provides strategies to prevent and diffuse harmful, behaviors.
Developed by board certified behavior analysts, PCM is recognized as the first applied behavior analysis-based system of crisis management.

What Makes PCM Different

Contrast to other methods that teach only techniques to use after individuals have become non-compliant, agitated or aggressive, PCM focuses primarily on prevention before crisis occurs, and even before the individual’s behavior has escalated.
Unlike stand-alone approaches, PCM integrates and supports existing treatment programs that our clients already have in place.

All PCM strategies are not harmful and are meant to de-escalate behaviors. Safety procedures are used when a child engages in activities such as throwing chairs, using sharp objects, biting, etc. to increase the safety of the child and those around them.
Transportation strategies are used to help safely transport the client to areas, where they are unable to harm themselves or others. They are re-located into a more stable environment. PCM places a strong ethical value on using the least restrictive procedures on all clients.

Get the PCM Certification

With 2 PCMA accredited instructors, Bevannie Smith and Samuel Vega, Therapies4kids offers PCM certification classes for those wishing to further their professional careers.

Therapies4Kids is committed to teaching our therapists, parents and other human service professionals the safest methods to effective crisis management strategies.
Therapies4kids offers an 18-hour minimum course to staff members through the company with an exam at the end that is both a written exam and a physical exam that is mandated by PCMA on various strategies. They are tested on criteria for implementation as well as ABA based terminologies and a re-certification course is required every year.

Bevannie Smith
Bevannie Smith
Samuel Vega
Samuel Vega