The Behavioral Blog

This blog was made to help parents who want to understand more about how scientifically analytical principles can help them develop a more enlightened understanding of their children’s behaviors.

Teaching Stranger Danger Awareness to Children on the Spectrum

As a parent, one of the biggest fears you may have is not being there for your child if they are presented with a dangerous situation. Reality is parents cannot […] •••

Behavior Assessments: What to Expect

So, your child’s neurologist or pediatrician recommends ABA for your child and you have no idea what to do from there. You leave the doctor’s office with a ton of […] •••


Have you ever tried modifying someone’s behavior? I am sure it has crossed your mind at some point! Through years of empirical research (dating back to the early 1900s), we […] •••

Treating Severe Behaviors Maintained by Automatic Reinforcement

When treating or modifying any behavior, the function must first be assessed. In other words, it is imperative to understand why a behavior is occurring. The most common functions are […] •••

Three Most Common Parenting Mistakes

Striving to be the best parent is natural. We all have it in us. However, it is only human to make mistakes, and sometimes out of loving too much. In […] •••
Social Skills

The Importance of Social Pragmatic Groups

What is a social pragmatic group, and would it benefit my child? If you are concerned that your child appears to have difficulty making new friends, staying on topic during […] •••

How Do I Get My Child to Try New Foods?

First and foremost, let’s just get it out there that both typical children and those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder can be picky eaters. So, how do you differentiate between […] •••

How to Get Your Child to Listen

Have you ever wondered what it will take to motivate your child to listen? There is actually a number of strategies you can store in your “parenting toolbox”. The answer […] •••

How to teach independence and confidence in young children

From routines like brushing teeth and packing a backpack, to more complex tasks such as planning and finishing school projects, what parent doesn’t want their child to be more independent? […] •••

How to Implement Timeout the Right Way

One of the most common punishment procedures parents use is timeout. Although timeout can be a very simple procedure to implement, it does contain parameters that are not common knowledge. […] •••

Sleep Training

Did you know 80% of children diagnosed with autism suffer from sleep disorders? According to The Center for Disease Control (CDC), sleep related challenges are prevalent between the ages of […] •••

How do I help my child with autism make friends?

Developing social skills will help your child with autism to fit in in many social opportunities or events. •••