Therapies 4 Kinders

Therapies 4 Kinders is an Early intervention & intensive program using ABA principles to help children in their developmental milestones.

This is a drop-off facility that caters to children from 2-3 years old. The aim of this program is to facilitate a fun-learning environment for children.

Our unique methodology includes the provision of individualized skills acquisition plan, daily schedules, visual aids & structured teaching methods, designed & implemented by our highly qualified staff including Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Licensed and highly trained therapists and teachers.

Activities are Designed in Various Ways to Promote Generalization of Skills

  • Group/Individual Play
  • Music & Movement
  • Arts/Drawing
  • Sensory Play
  • Role Play
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Mealtime/Feeding Skills
  • Gross Motor/Fine Motor Skills
  • Orientation/Natural Environment Teaching
  • Structured Teaching
  • Toilet Training

Target Goals

  • Communication Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Academic Skills
  • Independent Functioning
  • Readiness for School Mainstreaming
  • Transitioning

Service provided in our Coral Springs and Boca Raton clinics. Contact us for more information.