Student Mentorship Program

Pathway to becoming a BCaBA/BCBA

The pathway to becoming a BCaBA/BCBA can be daunting due to balancing the schoolwork curriculum alongside one’s current employment, completing an equal number of indirect/direct hours that would meet criteria upon graduation and learning how to apply what is learned through academia.

Through the student mentorship program, behavior analytic tasks are assigned in order for our students to complete their required hours along with familiarizing themselves of the responsibilities of Behavior Analysts as they complete their studies.

The position relies on a mentorship model in which the student will have an assigned Analyst and the objectives would include but not limited to familiarizing themselves with the ethics code, covering the task list as a study resource and further promoting the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.

The position offers a vast majority of learning opportunities by working alongside a behavior analyst and assisting with assessments, targeting skill deficits & excess, treatment plan write-up and reviewing the literature. Some of the identified skills selected prepare our staff to become effective clinicians upon certification. Our staff also have the opportunity to complete the maximum number of indirect hours allotted by the BCBA, assist with workshop training’s and participate in group literature discussions.

Objectives of the Program

  • Complete the eligibility requirements set by the Board Analyst Certification Board
  • Examination preparation
  • Proficiency of behavior analytic principles application
  • Foster professional development